Aeropilates Class – Advanced Full Body Workout

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This video has been recorded during a difficult time for the whole world. Taking care of ourselves is even more important than ever and a device like the Aeropilates reformer can be extremely helpful, convenient and effective.
Thanks to all the people who attended this special live lesson and also made a donation for the hospital and care center of Todos Santos.

Remember we are all one ❤️.

Get ready on your reformer for the Warm Up footwork on one red and two black cords.

Exercises include: Warm Up footwork (Parallel, V Position, Heels, Arches, Heel Lowers etc, with pulsing variations), Pelvic Lift, Ab Work (Arm Lowers, Arm Circles, Eagle, Tricep press, etc, with head up and legs variations, Hundred), Roll-overs, Leg Series (Leg Lowers, Leg Circles, Scissors, Frogs, Frogs Circles, Choo-choo, Choo-choo Circles), Arm Series kneeling (Serve the Brownies,  Hug a Tree, Eagles, Salute, Arms Circles), Arms side sitting series, Mermaid with stretching, Bicep curls, Chest Expansion, Elephant with stretching, Eve's Lunge, Piriformis Stretch.

✅ It is an intense workout that covers every muscle in the whole body so be sure to make modifications as needed.

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